Extrusion Agent

Lignosulfonates are anionic derivatives of lignin, water soluble and surfactants.

Yellowish powders, have variable compositions and also variable molecular dimensions (because they are polymers that can be modified by the addition of organic or inorganic groups to the molecule).

Lignosulfonates are very effective in increasing mechanical dry strength in ceramic pieces.

Lignosulfonates act as lubricants during extrusion or pressing operations.

Additions of lignosulfonates to ceramic slips can vary from 0.1 to 2.0% and they are relatively inexpensive. For pressed tiles, 1% lignosulfonate can double mechanical strength (however often a black core appears). Lignosulfonates are often used to reduce shrinkage yet maintain after-forming mechanical strength (because reduced amounts of plastic clays are needed).

Lignosulfonate work as extrusion agent for chemical fertilizer granulation.

Could make the wet past into granulation under low pressure extrusion is used for the conversion of powders into granules.Greatly reduce the dust during production,and perfect function of segregation of granules after drying.


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