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lignohumates for Animal Health

lignohumates for Animal Health lignohumates are fossilised plant material originating from a period which pre-dates the dinosaurs. The dark powder contains the dense mineral component which characterised those ancient plants. It also contains the amino acids and many of the other beneficial phytochemicals from that original plant matter. lignohumates have proven invaluable as a soil […]

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Function of working as animal feed and its binder

Function of sodium lignosulfonate used for Animal feed & animal feed pellet binder Function to Digestion system To feed a variety of complex molecular nutrients fully decomposed and a good organic combination, increase gastrointestinal function, and promote the role of protein assimilation.  to improve the permeability of animal cell membrane and protoplasm, the muscle cell […]

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Lignosulfonate work as water-reducing agent

ost water-reducing agent is a surfactant. Therefore, the mechanism of action is lignosulfonate surfactant effect. Surfactant is an organic compound whose molecules have both hydrophilic and hydrophobic two groups. The hydrophobic groups are various alkyl or alkyl aryl group; hydrophilic group is generally able to dissociate the ionic salts. According to the hydrophilic group of […]

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Sodium lignosulfonate used as water reducing agent

Ligosulfonate is a water-soluble multifunctional polymer electrolyte, is a lignosulfonate, with dispersing biological slime, dirt iron oxide, calcium phosphate ability, but also zinc ions, calcium ions to form a stable network compound. Lignosulfonate and calcium lignosulfonate commonly used in the multi-purpose concrete waterproofing agent superplasticizer, concrete after adding water reducer, superplasticizer hydrophobic groups directed adsorbed […]

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Some ways to manufacture sodium lignosulfonate

1) The calcium lignin sulfonate ion exchange; 2) In the pulping process, sodium carbonate or sodium hydroxide, calcium oxide, or a substituted calcium hydroxide. This method is relatively rare, because sodium carbonate or sodium hydroxide, is usually higher than the price of calcium oxide or calcium hydroxide. With pulp mill waste as a raw material, […]

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Application information of calcium lignosulfonate working as binder for pelleting

Application information of calcium lignosulfonate working as binder for pelleting Description Calcium lignosulfonate is naturally working as binder as it is colloid meanwhile it contends sugar these two factors decide its binding capacity. Function So it can be used as pellet binder ,Firstly could affect the animal growth digestion ,could supply natural soluble carbohydrate ,crucial for the metabolizable energy .Live stock and poultry can be improved eating resistance ,particle strength,reduce the amount of feed powder,also reduce anti back ratio and cost. Application For pelleting:No more than 5% of the total blends. Prepare stage:1.Mix […]

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Lignosulfonate application of dust control

Lignosulfonate A naturally occurring polymer found in wood that acts like glue. During the pulping process, lignin is separated from the wood and undergoes an extensive process and eventually becomes an ammonium or sodium based lignosulfonate. Lignosulfonate works by binding the road surface particles together. Water evaporates from the lignin as it dries, and the […]

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How to produce lignosulfonate

Currently, the method of separating lignin generally have two: one is outside the plant component lignin dissolved removing lignin as an insoluble components are separated by filtration; the other is just the opposite, lignin as a soluble component, will Other components of plant cellulose is dissolved and then separated from the lignin. Separation of different […]

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Function of lignoulfonate used for textile

With the formal promulgation textile dye treatment technology continues to progress and development, as well as the EU REACH regulations, choose excellent performance and meet environmental requirements of the textile dyes and auxiliaries more and more industry attention, while textile dyes and auxiliaries Selection safe and effective dispersants will become particularly urgent. dispersant species lignin […]

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