Liquid Lignosulfonate

Liquid Lignosulfonate

Product Description

Liquid lignosulfonate have 3 grades as following specification.

Main Specification

Product Name  Liquid Potassium Lignosulphonate  Liquid Sodium Lignosulphonate Liquid Calcium Lignosulphonate
Appearance      Black Liquid Black Liquid Black Liquid
Product Code      GAC-KLS-L GAC-NaLS-L GAC-CaLS-L
Solid content      45%min  45%min  45%min
Water-insoluble matter      2.5%max 2.5%max 2%max
Lignosulphonate      25%min 25%min 25%min
Sugar      Around 4% Around 4% Around 4%
Density(g/ml)      1.20-1.30 1.20-1.30 1.20-1.30
PH      4-6 7-9.5 5-6

Flexible container bags. 

Liquid lignosulfonate msds

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