Super Sodium Lignosulfonate

Super Sodium Lignosulfonate

Product Description
Super Sodium Lignosulfonate is pure lignosulfonate has little cellulose and sugar is extracted directly from pure lignin with ph around 9 completely water soluble.

Main Specification

Name Sodium Lignosulphonate Super Grade
Product Code      GAC-NaLS-Super
Appearance      Black powder
PH value      9.0
Dry maters      95%min
Water-insoluble      0.5%max
Calcium and magnesium      0.5max
Lignosulphonate      95%min
Moisture      7%Max
Super Sodium Lignosulfonate

Super Sodium Lignosulfonate


1. 25kgs woven bags with liner inside,2According Customers’requirement.

Super Sodium lignosulfonate MSDS

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