Ferro chrome lignosulfonate

Advantage of ferrochrome lignosulfonate

Advantage of ferrochrome lignosulfonate

  • Highly effective Deflocculants and rheology stabilizer
  • Functions well at elevated temperatures and in the presence of Contaminants
  • Excellent thinning and filtration control Properties
  • It also functions as a good emulsifier and provides Secondary Filtration Control
  • High Solubility and Mixes well in all types of Mud Systems functions in both Fresh water and Salt water Systems
  • Tolerant and continues to function well in High contamination Systems
  • Effective over wide Range of PH.


  • Fresh water system 2.9 to 8.6 kg/m3(1 to 3 lb/bbl) .
  • Sea water mud suggest to apply 11.4 to 17.1 kg/m3 (4 to 6 lb/bbl) . Optimum performance of FCLwill require PH 9.5 – 10.5 .

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