calcium lignosulfonate working as binder for pelleting

Application of calcium lignosulfonate working as binder for pelleting


Calcium lignosulfonate is naturally working as binder as it is colloid meanwhile it contends sugar these two factors decide its binding capacity.


So it can be used as pellet binder,Firstly could affect the animal growth digestion ,could supply natural soluble carbohydrate ,crucial for the metabolizable energy .Live stock and poultry can be improved eating resistance ,particle strength,reduce the amount of feed powder,also reduce anti back ratio and cost.


For pelleting:No more than 5% of the total blends.
Prepare stage:

1.Mix all the feeds together with lignosulfonate and dry mix even,

2.Add water at certain ratio ,stir to even.
Also you could firstly mix the feed together ,and dissolve the 5% lignosulfonate into water then add the lignosulfonate solution into feeds.
Notice:you can adjust the dosage accordingly.

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