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Lignosulfonate Used as Ceramics Binder

Lignosulfoantein architectural ceramics Applications

Lignosulfoantein architectural ceramics Applications Currently in building ceramic body used in the formulation additives are mainly two: one is body enhancer , mainly used to increase the strength of the body , is mainly used in low viscosity carboxymethylcellulose is CMC; a coagulant solution species are primarily used to reduce the viscosity of the mud […]


About Lignosulfonate

Lignosulfonates are when traded a brown amorphous powder. They have no odour and they are not hygroscopic. They form colloidal solutions or dispersions with water but are not soluble in organic solvents. Lignosulfonates are biopolymers; they are salts of lignosulfonic acid that has been formed when pulp is manufactured by the sulphite method. The lignosulfonates […]


How to analyze calcium lignosulfonate1

Sulfonate sulfur content accurately Weigh 1.0g, was dissolved in 400 ml of water in a beaker Sheng. Slowly to send a stream of nitrogen through the surface of the liquid.Add 10 ml of nitric acid solution and shake it vigorously until the calm reaction. 70% perchloric acid 10ml, shake it vigorously again. Will not capped […]

wood lignin

what solvent lignin is soluble?

Lignin is a poylmer present in the structure of many polar groups, more particularly hydroxyl groups, lignin with strong intermolecular and intermolecular hydrogen bond energy, and therefore the original lignin insoluble in any solvent . Separation of lignin, because of reduced synthesis and degradation occurs, many physical properties change, the change in solubility resistance. Alkali […]


Caclium lignosulfonate used as water reducing agent in concrete

Caclium lignosulfonate used as water reducing agent in concrete Calcium lignosulfonate is extracted from the  wood and straw pulp after sulfite pulping processed by advanced production technology have made of brown powdery solid, highly soluble in water. It is a polymer electrolyte having a molecular weight from the 1,000-100000. 10000-40000 dispersion which is particularly effective, […]


Lignin,Lignosulfonate ,Magnesium Lignosulfonate,Calcium Lignosulfonate1

Lignin,Lignosulfonate ,Magnesium Lignosulfonate,Calcium Lignosulfonate Lignin is a by- product of pulp and paper industry, acid rich sources, low price. Magnesium lignosulfonate is a bamboo, bagasse as the main raw materials used in the main component of fiber magnesium bisulfite pulping red liquid, as a complex material ordinary water-reducing agent or high performance additives, used in […]

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