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How to analyze calcium lignosulfonate2

Reducing sugar(1) basic lead acetate solution to take basic lead acetate 80g, so dissolved in 220 ml of water and stirred overnight, filter No. 42 filter paper (or equivalent product). Then the supernatant was diluted with freshly boiled water to the relative density of 1.254.(2) copper reagent liquid anhydrous disodium hydrogen phosphate 28g and potassium […]


Lignin,Lignosulfonate ,Magnesium Lignosulfonate,Calcium Lignosulfonate3

Study of oxidation, sulfonation reaction and chemical modification method water-reducing dispersion property of wood magnesium.The results showed that the influence factors of product performance, the most important change is the amount of H2O2 oxidation of Fenton, followed by the reaction time, reaction solution concentration, amount of ferrous sulfate, the optimal process conditions: reaction solution concentration […]

Lignin Process

Lignin,Lignosulfonate ,Magnesium Lignosulfonate,Calcium Lignosulfonate2

1, content of wood magnesium low only 0.75mmol · g-1. Wood, wood calcium magnesium surface physicochemical and application were studied, results showed that the surface activity of magnesium, wood is wood calcium, magnesium in solution in the wood of the absolute value of zeta potential of cement particles than the low calcium; adsorption test showed that, wood magnesium adsorption on cement particle surface with concentration increasing, at higher concentrations, has not yet reached saturation, and the adsorption of cement on the wooden calcium presented type Langmuir; wood and wooden calcium magnesium solution foaming power difference is not big, but the foam stability of wood slightly good magnesium.In the same dosage, mixing in a magnesium cement paste fluidity is smaller than a doped calcium, magnesium, wood initial and final setting time is less than the wooden calcium initial, final setting time, the compressive strength of mortar mixed with wood magnesium than are larger than the wooden calcium.The main reason of water and wood magnesium influences dispersion is the sulfonation degree and low molecular weight, molecular weight distribution is relatively wide. Study of different molecular weight, a wooden magnesium surface physicochemical and application performance results show that, with the increase of relative molecular weight, wood magnesium solution decreases with increasing surface tension effect, in which the minimum surface tension of high molecular weight fractions of wood magnesium solution reaches 44.94mN/m; zeta potential of cement particles for high molecular order wood magnesium solution the absolute value of the low molecular weight portions of cement on high; low molecular weight and molecular weight portions of wood magnesium adsorption showed Langmuir type, and the saturated adsorption amount is lower than the same concentration of molecular weight of a wood magnesium; as the molecular weight increases, wood magnesium foaming ability and the foam stability increases gradually, and the bubble diameter from coarse to fine.In the same dosage, with the increasing of the relative molecular weight of the wood of magnesium, the dispersing performance enhancement, the cement paste initial, final setting time prolong gradually, and the foaming properties strong, leads to the decrease of high-molecular-weight grade magnesium doped continuous wood mortar compressive strength.

sodium lignosulfonate properties

Sodium Lignosulfonate Properties

Sodium lignosulfonate (CAS 8061-51-6) has properties of dispersant ,emulsifier,binder and so on,widely used in resin, rubber, dyes, pesticides, ceramics, cement, asphalt, feed, water treatment, water coal slurry, concrete, refractory materials, oil drilling, compound fertilizer, smelting, casting, adhesive,dyes,agrochemicals,construction as well as dust suppression. Sodium lignosulfonate raw materials andcomponents The world’s most abundant renewable resource is biomass […]

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