Sodium lignosulfonate loading


Calcium Lignosulfonate work as water-reducing agent

Calcium Lignosulfonate  in the concrete water-reducing mechanism of enhancement of calcium lignin sulfonate and lignin sulfonate superplasticizer is an appearance of the active agent, to participate in the concrete, the hydrophobic group as directed adsorbed on cement particles appearance, so that a negative charge of cement. Cement particles having the same charge in the charge repulsion […]

Function of Lignosulfonate

Function of Lignosulfonate Ligno sulfonate ( sodium lignosulfonate ) pulping process of bamboo wood and straw extract, modification reaction was concentrated and spray- drying. Product is light yellow ( brown ) free flowing powder, soluble in water, chemically stable, long-term sealed storage without decomposition. Lignin series is a surfactant , can be modified , processing […]

Lignin as raw material of carbon fiber

Business agency August 1 News International Carbon Fiber Conference July 25 to 26 held in Buffalo, New York in the United States , chaired by the Hubble Company (Haper International) organized by Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) co . From more than 20 countries, more than 170 business representatives and academics participants. Meeting proposed the […]

Lignin and Cellulose

To solve cellulose purification process of the environmental pollution problems caused , Beijing Dream Fox Yutong fiber research and development center has successfully developed a zero pollution, zero emissions , high utilization of the ” green energy biomass organic component separation process technology .” It is understood that this technology after full trial , from […]

Difference between lignin and lignosulfonate

Lignosulfonate is one of lignin derivatives. It is the source and lignin, chemical structures and physical properties are different. Lignosulfonate mainly from the sulfite pulping process resulting “black liquor”, separated from the black liquor extracted, mainly ligno sodium or calcium lignosulphonate. The three components of wood lignin itself (the other two are the cellulose and […]

New process extracts lignin from pulp mill black liquor

LignoBoost works in conjunction with evaporation. It all starts with lignin being precipitated from the black liquor by lowering the pH with CO2. The precipitate is then dewatered using a filter press. LignoBoost then overcomes conventional filtering and sodium separation problems by redissolving the lignin in spent wash water and acid. The resulting slurry is […]

Straw lignin glycerol structure changes during cooking

Straw lignin glycerol structure changes during cooking After glycerol mainly wheat straw lignin isolated after cooking for chemical structure analysis, and the Central Plains and some straw lignin were compared. Shows that two kinds of lignin are made from guaiacyl, lilac wood-based and wood-based hydroxyphenyl three basic structural units, which guaiacyl unit as the main […]

Effect of lignosulfonate to Urea working inside the soil

Effect of lignosulfonate to Urea working inside the soil A field experiment to study the soil fertilized lignin conversion to urea and wheat biomass, nitrogen nutrition. The results showed that lignin can regulate the release of inorganic nitrogen, showing the application of green winter wheat soil inorganic nitrogen content of lignin and lower jointing higher […]

Lignin graft copolymerization of acrylic monomer -2

Lignin graft copolymerization of acrylic monomer -2 Chemistry – induced hydrolysis Until recently only been reported , mostly using a phenolic peroxidase (phenoloxidase), mainly laccase in the presence of peroxidase , lignin itself radical polymerization mechanism may be lignin hydrolysis radicals and long chain radicals with acrylic acid ( the formula ) , formed with […]

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