Calcium Lignosulfonate work as water-reducing agent

Calcium Lignosulfonate  in the concrete water-reducing mechanism of enhancement of calcium lignin sulfonate and lignin sulfonate superplasticizer is an appearance of the active agent, to participate in the concrete, the hydrophobic group as directed adsorbed on cement particles appearance, so that a negative charge of cement. Cement particles having the same charge in the charge repulsion to each other under the effect of repulsion from the slack, the cement composition in water prior to become slack floc layout layout aggregated body of flocculation free water is released, and then to the intention of reducing agent.

Observations indicate, calcium participate in the concrete timber after mixing for 5 minutes more than 80% of the reducing agent is adsorbed, clearly visible under the electron microscope was increased hydration of the middle point, evenly spread hydrates, crystalline fibers longer hydration various microscopic characteristics. Visible participate calcium lignosulphonate, leaving the pores free water transpiration is small, dense internal structure, that is, the porosity decreased significantly favor the progress of the concrete strength, improved cement pore size of the layout and distribution case, the crystal growth rate of delayed crystal growth is more abundant, and thus get more fibrous crystals cross each other, constitute a strong network layout, and then to make significant progress in concrete strength. Thus, in concrete mixed with wood calcium superplasticizer, concrete mixing materials can cut water consumption, decreased water-cement ratio, improved workability, is conducive to pumping, progressive concrete strength, solidity and durability.

Three. Wooden superplasticizer primary function of calcium indicators and economic effects of an improved concrete function when the same amount of cement, concrete slump with blank near the water consumption can be reduced by 10-15%, 10-20% progress 28-day strength, a Progress was about 10% strength. 2, save the cement when the concrete near the strength and slump, can save about 10% of cement, water reducing agent can save the use of one tons 30-40 tons of cement. 3, improve the workability of concrete when the concrete amount of cement and water consumption constant, low plasticity of concrete slump can be increased about twice (by a 3-5cm improved to 8-18cm), not mixed with those early strength simply come near. 4, there is retarding effect of incorporation of 0.25% calcium superplasticizer wood after the slump in upholding the fundamental common, the initial setting time of cement generally delayed 1-2 hours, 2-4 hours slag cement and final setting time General 2 hours of cement, slag cement 2-3 hours, if not cut water consumption increases slump, or when used to adhere to the same slump while saving the amount of cement, then the degree of cohesion moment postponed greater than the water reduction.

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