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Lignin polymerization of epoxy compound -2

Lignin polymerization of epoxy compound -2   Shirai shiN, also try after chemical modification of lignin synthesis – epoxy adhesive. In order to improve the reactivity of lignin, the alkali lignin phenol first with bisphenol A, phenol process, adding a small amount of hydrochloric acid or BF3 catalyst. Bisphenol A phenol-modified material in order to […]

Lignin polymerization of epoxy compound -1

Early epoxy lignin had been reported in 1962, they are prepared by mixing 100 parts of lignin, 140 parts of phenol and three sulfuric acid, heated to 140 ~ 180 ℃, after a period of reaction, the residual phenol by vacuum distillation and distilled water removal, leaving lignin phenol resin, the lignin phenol resin, 32 […]

Lignin polyurethane

Lignin polyurethane 1962 has begun with phenol and lignin reaction of isocyanates. These pioneering work laid the lignin in the plastics industry to use foundation. GlasserWG other special emphasis on the application of lignin as engineering plastics material, he lignin reaction with maleic anhydride copolymer, ethylene oxide and then with 1,22 reaction copolymer polyol structure, […]

Lignosulfonate phenolic resin -2

Lignosulfonate phenolic resin -2   Using the kraft pulping liquor obtained in the reaction with a phenol lignin sulfonates, with formaldehyde polymer, more suitable to obtain the production of fiber with plastic. When this gel modified with nitrobenzene, further improved toughness. In addition, the application of two-step condensation of lignin obtained very good performance particleboard […]

Lignosulfonate phenolic resin -1

Lignosulfonate phenolic resin -1   Lignin adhesives used in wood products once made by the Forintek more comprehensive review . For years, many experts have tried to develop lignin-based adhesives. Lignin extracted from sawdust, the phenol (75g) and formalin (50mL) was added to a round bottom flask equipped with a reflux condenser, the other adding […]

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Lignosulfonate polymer field of application

Lignin and cellulose and hemicellulose constitute the main component of plant skeleton . In nature after cellulose, lignin is the second largest reserves of natural organic matter . Human use of cellulose for several thousand years of history , but has not been a lot of lignin , widespread use . While people in the […]

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