wood lignin

Corn stover could extract lignin

Fuzhou University method using an aqueous solution of an inorganic alkali and organic solvent -water mixed solvent process, to effectively fermented straw residue from the separation, extraction of lignin hydrolysis . This separation of lignin extraction process does not go through high temperature and pressure , acid and alkali and other chemical processes , the chemical structure of natural lignin to maintain good , with high chemical reactivity .

Lignin Modification through different chemical reactions can be obtained with higher added value enzymatic hydrolysis lignin derivatives, for the synthesis of polyurethane, epoxy resin , phenolic resin, and rubber and plastics modifier new green materials, alternative petrochemical products , but also for the annual 600 million ~ 700 million tons of corn stalks make a significant contribution to the comprehensive utilization of resources .

The use of inorganic alkaline aqueous extract lignin craft, each dealing with one ton of corn stalks prepared by fermentation of alcohol residue can get about 300 kg of lignin . The process is simple, low boiling point organic solvent recovery easier .
The process is suitable for all kinds of fermentation of straw , corn cob prepared by alcohol companies , extracted from the fermentation residue enzymatic hydrolysis lignin .

Lignin hydrolysis with more reactive groups can be directly synthesized diisocyanate, epichlorohydrin , formaldehyde produced from the reaction of lignin modified derivatives , lignin and its derivatives enzymatic modification of polymer materials can be used as additives , Alternative petrochemical feedstock .

Corn stover could extract lignin

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