Effect of lignosulfonate to Urea working inside the soil

Effect of lignosulfonate to Urea working inside the soil

A field experiment to study the soil fertilized lignin conversion to urea and wheat biomass, nitrogen nutrition. The results showed that lignin can regulate the release of inorganic nitrogen, showing the application of green winter wheat soil inorganic nitrogen content of lignin and lower jointing higher trend.

After application of soil inorganic nitrogen lignin dynamic changes, and promoting winter wheat nitrogen absorption, and promote the use of plant nitrogen uptake. Lignin improves the largest winter wheat biomass accumulation rate, which Ammonium lignin increased 29%, alkali lignin increased by 13%. Ammonium lignin, alkali lignin processing and fertilizer compared to nitrogen agronomic efficiency, apparent utilization of nitrogen, nitrogen partial factor productivity, nitrogen uptake has increased in intensity, and the ratio of alkali lignin lignin Ammonium effect obvious.

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lignin Details

Lignin is a complex and highly abundant organic polymer found in the cell walls of plants, particularly in woody tissues. It is one of the main components of lignocellulosic biomass, along with cellulose and hemicellulose. Lignin provides structural support to plants and plays a crucial role in the transportation of water, nutrients, and sugars throughout […]


Magnesium Lignosulfonate Benefits

Magnesium lignosulfonate offers several benefits in various applications. Here are some key benefits of using magnesium lignosulfonate:

lignosulfonate binding agent

Magnesium Lignosulfonate as a Binding Agent

Magnesium lignosulfonate can be used as a binding agent in various applications. Here are some key points regarding the use of magnesium lignosulfonate as a binding agent:

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