Lignosulfonate used as coke binder


  • Easy to use: direct proportion to the blue carbon or petroleum coke, adhesives, molding can be mixed with water, one ton can produce 20-25 tons of coke powder pellets.
  • The performance is excellent: a molding, molding rate of up to 95-98%, wet bulb 2 meters whereabouts lingers, natural drying or drying may, after drying intensity 100kg / ball, temperature 1000 ℃ leave no powder in not containing magnesium, phosphorus, aluminum, iron and other chemical components, a small amount of fixed carbon lower.
  • Policy support, less investment: no asphalt, coal tar as a binder, without charring build coking furnace, coke powder without drying, no material heating and stirring, the entire production process is not pollution, saving energy and reducing state support ranked projects.
  • Versatile: suitable for a small blast furnace ironmaking, metallurgical charge, chemical gas, calcium carbide instead of part of the production of raw materials such as coke industry applications.

Industrial pellet production process

Coke and semi-coke pellet production, is the blue carbon, petroleum coke powder, crushed, add about 4% of the amount of adhesive mixing, molding process after cold forming, drying can be applied.

The pellet production process equipment requirements

1, the need for drying of raw materials (raw water high raw material drying facilities must yield, yield small not on drying);
2, the need for crushing raw materials (raw size requirements of generally less than 3mm80%, according to the raw material particle size, the need for mill);
3, the production of adhesives and added (using quantitative feeder solve the phenomenon of uneven added);
4, mixing is necessary homogenization process, so we must fully consider the uniformity of materials and adhesives;
5, the raw material with a binder full integration (using a good blender can make to improve the uniformity of materials and adhesives);
6, good quality molding machine, molding rate is higher, is a prerequisite for mechanical binding.
7, dried pellets provide suitable conditions for the production and application, which requires the process to be reasonable, to sophisticated equipment.

The ratio of raw coal with a binder

  • Raw materials or petroleum coke powder blue carbon: 1000kg (one or more can be used as raw material, may need to be adjusted according to user requirements).
  • The dry binder :20-50kg; (applicable to less than 8% moisture content of the raw material)
    3, 8-15% water, based on raw coke, coal moisture and humidity resize dosage.


  • The method using a conveyor belt, the first installation of a given powder material on the conveyor plane, with the adhesive material and through the pulverizer.
  • Then crushed or pulverized coke powder good raw material input to the mixer with a conveyor belt, the installation of water tanks in the blender, add water to adjust the size according to the humidity of raw materials, after the above-mentioned materials Stir into briquette machine, hand into the group is appropriate.
  • Then stir to feed conveyor lose molding machine.
  • With a good conveyor belt molding pellets fed to the dryer, drying 2-3 hours.


Sodium Lignosulfonate ,sodium lignohumate

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