Lignosulfonate Used in Agriculture

Lignosulfonate and lignohumate is widely used in agriculture as base fertilizer or irrigation or spray.Suggested to mix use with chemical fertilizer like Urea,DAP,MAP,MPK and so on.


  • Greatly increase the soil fertility,especial mixed with Urea ,DAP,MAP,MKP.With faster and obvious effect.
  • Increase the organic matter of soil and improve soil structure,accordingly largely promote the buffering power of soil.There two kinds of soil ,sandy and heavy.In sandy soil nutrients s easy to loose ,humic acid could help to stabilize these nutrients and convent them into plants adoptable form,in heavy soil humic acid can increase the capacity of colloid thus preventing soil surface cracking.Humic acid can help to create crumble form to increase water holding capacity and its aeration.Humic acid could chelate the heavy metal thus avoid them absorbed by plants.
  • Regulate pH of soil and increase soil fertility.The optimum pH range for most plants is between 5.5 and 7.0,Humus has direct function to balance the pH of soil,to make soil pH suitable for plants growth.Humus could largely stabilized nitrogen storage and slow release,P is release from AL +in soil,also other microelement is in the form of easy-available by plants, meanwhile the beneficial fungi is active to produce different kind enzymes. to help to create a crumble structure of soil to increase macro elements and micro elements binding capacity and water holding capacity ,thus increase soil fertility.
  • Create good living environment for microbial mass.
  • Bio fulvic acid could directly improve soil structure thus to create good environment for microbial mas living environment,thus these microbial mas production will help to improve soil structure.
  • Promote the development of chlorophyll, sugars and amino acids in plants and aid in photosynthesis.
  • Stimulate seed germination in short time,Greatly increase harvest and fruits quality.
  • Greatly increase plants’ capability countering stress and disease.
  • Humic acid can mobilize K absorption to regulate the stomata open and close on the leaves also promote metabolism, thus increase the plants’ ability under stressed conditions.


Potassium Lignosulfonate,ammonium lignosulfonate,Potassium Lignohumate,Ammonium Lignohumate and son.

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