Lignosulfonate used in Ceramics

We made and  experimental application of modified lignin sulfonate series of ceramic slurry,results showed that lignosulfonate has a better dispersion stability. When the low molecular weight (hereinafter referred to as molecular weight) of lignosulfonate content (dispersing agent representing the ceramic powder mass fraction) of 0.3%, the solid content (accounting for ceramic slurry solids mass fraction, the next the same) was 71.26% of the ceramic slurry flow time of only 41.79 s, thickness of 1.37 . Lignin sulfonate products with sodium silicate, sodium hexametaphosphate, sodium pyrophosphate, sodium tripolyphosphate complex applications can further improve its performance, which with hexametaphosphate complex mass ratio of 1:1, the total dosage was 0.2%, the ceramic slurry flow time only 38.81 s, dispersion performance was significantly better than the commonly used inorganic dispersant.

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