Lignosulfonate used in textile and Dyeing

Lignosulfonate used in textile and Dyeing

Lignosulfonate is cooking from the wood sulfite pulp as raw material through the process of  sugar concentrating.

It is an anionic surfactant, mainly used for dyes and vat dyes fragmented and filled with good dispersion,has  high temperature thermal stability and dispersion, good grinding effect of fiber contamination is light, small reduction of azo dyes. Mainly for the dispersion of lignin sulfonate, vat dyes, acid dyes can also be used as a diluent.

When used as  pigment dispersant ,the ratio of pigment and dispersant is according to original dye strength.Then grinding the pigments and linosulofonate with the volume of half and half to grind completely then the balance half not grind all one time.

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