Lignosulphonate Applications Board Binder

  • Lignosulphonate along with a diisocyanate used for production of

fiberboards, strawboards, particleboards, oriented strand boards,

wood fiber insulation boards, etc.

  • Grafted lignin or lignosulfonate component, and resin. Binder yields

low cost composite materials with having a reasonable wet strength.

  • A lignosulphonate based modifier has been added to formaldehyde based

binder systems such as phenol formaldehyde (PF), ureaformaldehyde

(UF), melamine formaldehyde (MF), resorcinol.

formaldehyde (RF) and/or tannin formaldehyde resins. The lignosulphonate

based modifier may used for panel boards such as plywood, hard

board, medium density fiberboard or particleboards.

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