Lignosulphonate Applications – Fuel

  • Alkaline fragmented/purified lignosulphonate mixed with diesel using
  • Hydroliquefaction comprising successive hydroconversion stages under high H pressure.
  • Hydroconversion occurrs with supported catalyst and a suspension of lignosulphonate and a H donor solvent.
  • Polymetallic catalysts supported on at least slightly basic materials and hydrogen convert lignosulphonate to hydrocarbons.
  • Catalytic conversion of lignosulphonate to green gasoline/diesel by a combination of pyrolysis, thermal cracking, hydrocracking,catalytic cracking, or hydrotreatment.
  • Lignosulphonate catalytic hydrogen reduction of carbon‐oxygen bonds and the catalytic disproportionation of carbon‐oxygen or carbon‐carbon bonds. The catalysts may be formed from a metal precursor such as ruthenium or vanadium and a bidentate ligand.

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Lignin is a complex and highly abundant organic polymer found in the cell walls of plants, particularly in woody tissues. It is one of the main components of lignocellulosic biomass, along with cellulose and hemicellulose. Lignin provides structural support to plants and plays a crucial role in the transportation of water, nutrients, and sugars throughout […]


Magnesium Lignosulfonate Benefits

Magnesium lignosulfonate offers several benefits in various applications. Here are some key benefits of using magnesium lignosulfonate:

lignosulfonate binding agent

Magnesium Lignosulfonate as a Binding Agent

Magnesium lignosulfonate can be used as a binding agent in various applications. Here are some key points regarding the use of magnesium lignosulfonate as a binding agent:

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