Lignosulphonate Applications – Fuel

  • Alkaline fragmented/purified lignosulphonate mixed with diesel using
  • Hydroliquefaction comprising successive hydroconversion stages under high H pressure.
  • Hydroconversion occurrs with supported catalyst and a suspension of lignosulphonate and a H donor solvent.
  • Polymetallic catalysts supported on at least slightly basic materials and hydrogen convert lignosulphonate to hydrocarbons.
  • Catalytic conversion of lignosulphonate to green gasoline/diesel by a combination of pyrolysis, thermal cracking, hydrocracking,catalytic cracking, or hydrotreatment.
  • Lignosulphonate catalytic hydrogen reduction of carbon‐oxygen bonds and the catalytic disproportionation of carbon‐oxygen or carbon‐carbon bonds. The catalysts may be formed from a metal precursor such as ruthenium or vanadium and a bidentate ligand.

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