Lignin as raw material of carbon fiber

Business agency August 1 News International Carbon Fiber Conference July 25 to 26 held in Buffalo, New York in the United States , chaired by the Hubble Company (Haper International) organized by Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) co . From more than 20 countries, more than 170 business representatives and academics participants. Meeting proposed the use of renewable raw materials to produce low-cost, high-volume carbon fiber is the future trend of development.

College professors from around the world presented new uses for carbon fiber , new technology, new discoveries , as well as on the future of carbon fiber market outlook .

Goals for the future development of carbon fiber is applied so that more low-cost producers in the car . From the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Federal University of Rio De Janeiro) professor Kawei Du (Calvado) states: If the United States uses 13 kg per car carbon fiber, then the current global carbon fiber production have failed to meet the supply. He also pointed out that the cost of carbon fiber is required to meet the conditions of 10 U.S. dollars per kilogram , the ideal goal is $ 5 per kilogram , the intensity of at least 1.72Gpa, modulus of at least 170Gpa.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory under the U.S. Department of Energy , is one of America’s most important laboratory also developed the world’s first atomic bomb laboratory , carbon fiber Ministry has already set up a total investment of $ 40 million .

MOST carbon fiber back in March 2009 by the U.S. government and enterprises initiated the establishment of a total of 75 units , the purpose is to accelerate the production of carbon fibers bigger and cost reduction . November 2012 formally began the development of this year, on January 26 to make a success of the first batch of carbon fiber. Carbon fiber carbon fiber as an American National Science and Technology R & D and industrialization enterprise bridge , there are including the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), 3M, U.S. Hearst Corporation (Hexcel) and Ford , etc. 25 U.S. government agencies and enterprises, the current does not accept non-US business. Ministry of Science and director of the carbon fibers in a speech , pointed out that as a national asset servicing industry , carbon fiber Ministry ‘s mission is to help the industry breakthrough in low-cost difficulties and achieve a lot more technical production .

Oak Ridge National Laboratory experts spoke stressed with Lignin lignin as raw material to manufacture low-cost carbon fiber is the trend, because lignin is a renewable resource , and the original use of polyacrylonitrile -based carbon fibers are petroleum-based raw materials, as non- renewable resources. They are expected to do with lignin mesh carbon fiber costs can be controlled within 4 to $ 5 per kilogram .

Currently Oak Ridge National Laboratory has been used to replace the traditional polyacrylonitrile lignin production of carbon fiber, this year they raised short-term goal is to complete an annual output of 25 tons of low-cost carbon fiber.

Canada Ubc University professor Frank (Frank) R & D team is also developing lignin production of low-cost carbon fiber.

At the meeting, the company also revealed that the world’s major production of carbon fiber on the latest trends. In early April , the U.S. Dow Chemical (Dow) and Turkey Aqsa polyacrylonitrile staple fiber company (Aksa) together invest $ 1 billion joint venture : Advanced Composites DowAksa Holdings BV (DowAksa Advanced Composites Holding BV), about production plant in the United States and Russia . Dow Chemical and Ford are jointly developed low-cost, high- yield carbon fibers and carbon-carbon composite materials for applications in next-generation automotive industries.

At the meeting, Oak Ridge National Laboratory called carbon fiber production enterprise: carbon fiber as a work of art should be produced in order to produce the perfect product .

As a niche product viscose -based carbon fiber is now the United States has been basically shut down , and only a small production company . University of Tennessee is also developing .

Belong to the high-end niche and mesophase pitch -based carbon fiber in the aerospace and civilian fields and a large number of new applications, especially in systems that require high thermal conductivity materials and high modulus materials, so it has also become the highest price of all carbon fiber inside the product . Currently the United States only U.S. Cytec (Cytec) in the production , NASA is the largest customer .

As the production of carbon fiber equipment Hubble companies, but also demonstrate to the delegates of the latest production of carbon fiber production equipment and technology and other new and improved equipment .

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