Lignosulfonate dispersant application in textile auxiliaries

Lignin dispersant application in textile auxiliaries

With the post-treatment of textile dye technology continues to progress and development, as well as the EU REACH regulations promulgated select excellent performance and meet the environmental requirements of textile dyes and auxiliaries more and more industry attention , while in the selection of textile dyes and auxiliaries safe and effective dispersant will become more urgent . dispersing agent with lignin sulfonates species most effective Vic beauty Care lignin sulfonate dispersing agent such as a natural pine raw material source , the hydrophobic material excellent dispersion stability , in many industries have been gradually replaced or blending traditional naphthalene sulfonate dispersing agent , widely used in textile dyes, pesticides , construction and other industry products processing .

Ligno sulfonate anionic surfactant is , contain a large number of carboxyl group, sulfonic acid group, a methoxy group, and natural polymers of different average molecular weight distribution of products in the range of 5 000 – 21 000 , usually the sodium salt , calcium , there are ammonium salt, is a polymer electrolyte . wooden tangled dispersant having an average molecular weight and the degree of sulfonation is different, the end-uses are very different , such as the U.S. company Devi solid lignin Vic a sulfonic acid ammonium BorresperseAM 320 , compared to other salts of acid dyes to improve the water solubility of more effective and is widely used in metal and a weak acid dyes dyes during post-processing , the acid used to produce high -quality printing dyes and the high purity ammonium lignosulfonate is not yet in production . U.S. Devi real U1trazine NA Vic ‘s high purity , low staining of lignin sulfonate, is widely used in reactive dyes and acid dyes the post-treatment process , can significantly improve the reactive dyes and water solubility of acid dyes , dye cloth surface reduces the generation of the color point . printing paste viscosity and have no adverse effect , is widely used to produce high -quality active and acid printing dyes in textile auxiliaries industry , Ultrazine NA has also been used as a reactive dye dispersed leveler for improving activity Turquoise Blue flower reactive dyes and so easy to dye levelness , especially for cotton and polyester bobbin yarn dyeing vat dyes are added Uhrazine NA continuous dyeing fabric also prevents the generation of stain . REAX 85A in the industry is a multi-purpose dyeing auxiliaries dispersing agent for disperse dyes for polyester and acetate fiber dyeing , can effectively preventing dye in the high temperature dyeing conditions, agglomerate , to improve leveling properties , particularly suitable for cheese dyeing machine , jigger , overflow dyeing machines low bath ratio dyeing conditions . Kraftsperse 1251 hybrid ultra-high purity lignin dispersant , low staining of the multi-fiber , additives can effectively reduce the viscosity of the system , widely used pigment and dye in the ink jet printing , carbon ink and to improve the amount of carbon black added is very effective dispersion stability and storage .

Lignin sulfonate dispersant difference of raw materials and synthesis technology level of the pros and cons , the final product quality also vary. Certain domestic lignosulfonate dispersant use reeds, straw or hardwood as a raw material , because the procurement of paper internal components of the black liquor plant instability, leading to application performance and end-use is limited.

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