Lignin graft copolymerization of acrylic monomer -2

Lignin graft copolymerization of acrylic monomer -2

Chemistry – induced hydrolysis Until recently only been reported , mostly using a phenolic peroxidase (phenoloxidase), mainly laccase in the presence of peroxidase , lignin itself radical polymerization mechanism may be lignin hydrolysis radicals and long chain radicals with acrylic acid ( the formula ) , formed with lignin as the backbone of the polymer side chain polyacrylic acid , the chemical – induced enzymatic methods with the conventional system , it can be formed at a lower temperature polymer material for the synthesis of engineering provides a new way.


Lignin as a cheap and readily available renewable resources , scientists have been trying to develop it as a basic raw material polymer industry . Despite decades of efforts to pay , currently still not achieve this goal, facing the main problem is that the purified lignin and reduce their polydispersity and chemical complexity of the structure and other aspects .

Recently lignin polymer systems research , and more attention to their own limitations and mining lignin lignin autoreactive to the field of application of the polymer breakthrough .

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