Chinese Academy of Forestry, 20,000 tons of lignin phenolic resin plant successful trial production

Chinese Academy of Forestry Forest Chemical Institute developed 20,000 tons / year of lignin -based phenolic resin production line model run successfully completed month , product performance all meet the national standard , meaning that China’s use of cheap and renewable production of lignin phenol instead of toxic phenolic resin glue made ​​significant progress.

Participation in technical research of the Chinese Academy of Forestry Dr. Wang Chunpeng briefed reporters , with current production of lignin processing conditions or phenolic resin adhesives businesses , are available through revamping production of lignin -based phenolic resins.

Current market price of phenol at 1.4 yuan / ton, while the price per ton of lignin to a few thousand dollars, processing and production of lignin -based phenolic resin more economical than petroleum-based products 20,000 tons / year demonstration lignin-based phenolic resin production line successfully put into operation , marking the breakthrough of environmentally friendly and efficient lignin-based phenolic resin adhesive preparation , lignin -based phenolic resins gradually co-condensation , low free phenol formaldehyde and other residual control term technical problems, and to achieve the industrial technology demonstrator .

The project is under the auspices of the forest of the national “863 ” project biomass-based polymer materials technology to extend the technology and products , the technology has fully independent intellectual property rights for plant straw lignin component and resource efficient transformation of deep processing and utilization provides a new way , and to promote the plywood industry in the development of environmentally friendly wood adhesive .

Chinese Academy of Forestry, 20,000 tons of lignin phenolic resin plant successful trial production

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