lignosulfonate used as metal briquettes binder

Lignosulfonate used in smelt

The application of lignosulfonates is widely spread as a binding material for sand and core sand mixtures in foundry. During manufacture of sand and core sand mixtures for cast iron, non-ferrous and steel casting lignosulfonates replace some deficit and toxic materials: phenolic alcohols, carbamide-formaldehyde, phenolformaldehyde pitchs.

While using binding substances on the base of lignosulfonates reducing of cost price of suitable raw passes, rising of durability of core, reducing of their flowability up to 0,05-0,08%, reducing of temperature and retrenchment of time of the warm hot-setting. Lignosulfonates are used as a flotation reagent and binding reagent for briqueting close grained raw. They are widely used as a binding substances and plastificator in production of aglomeration of head, acid corrosion, hardening, etc.

Lignosulfonate working as metal powder binder

1.Mineral powder  1000kg, about 50-80kg binder
2. slag, adhesives stirring, add water, depending on the size and humidity adjustment of raw materials plus water, raw Stir hand into the group can not spread into the pressure dome pressure he ball
3. 150 ℃ 2-3 hours to dry conditions, but also dry naturally

Take iron powder as example

  1. Iron powder 1000kg, dry powder binder: 50kg; (add the amount can be adjusted according to the material moisture content).

    3.The first raw material input to the mixer with the belt, the installation of water tanks in the blender, add water to adjust the size according to the humidity of raw materials, after the above-mentioned materials Stir into the pressure ball machine can be;

    4.With the conveyor belt molding good pellets fed to the dryer, dry conditions at 150 ℃ 1-1.5 hours can also be dried naturally

Lignosulfonate working as coke powder binder

1.Mixing:geenerally 5% W/W to mix the binder and coke powder,even if the coke contends high of moisture .

2.Moulding into balls: make powder into balls by some water according to the moisture of coke powder .After moulding the ball could make shape even falling from 2m high,the strength is around 100kg/ball,without any chemcial additives.The tempreture can reach 1000 degree centrigrade.

3.Drying,can use cyliner drier or natural drying.

4.After checking.If after drying find some small particle recycle the process to make it into balls.

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