lignosulfonate work as dust control agent


Lignosulfonate could work as naturally binder as its original form of lignin to bind the cellulose and fiber,so it can be used binding agent in pellets or compressed materials,also could used as dust control agent,which will be much more environment friendly and lower cost compared with Chloride.
How lignosulfonate control the dust
Lignosulfonate binds the road dust surface particle,when evaporate it will become the high-viscosity, naturally sticky material traps dust particles,then after sun heat will make a water resistant durable dust control surface.
Features & Benefits
Environment friendly produce ,non-chemical like chloride.
Reduce dust to PM10 Standards
Can be used on many soil types
Can be used in any places (near water, trees, orchards),will not cause pollution.
Application rates for a topical application are 0.3-0.5 gallons per square yard.
Pre-wet the road before spray the water.

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