Lignosulfonate work as water-reducing agent

Lignosulfonate water-reducing agent is a surfactant. Therefore, the mechanism of action is lignosulfonate surfactant effect.

  1. Surfactant is an organic compound whose molecules have both hydrophilic and hydrophobic two groups. The hydrophobic groups are various alkyl or alkyl aryl group; hydrophilic group is generally able to dissociate the ionic salts.
  2. According to the hydrophilic group of different dissociated ions, surfactants can be divided into: anionic surfactants; cationic surfactants; amphoteric surfactants; nonionic surfactants. After the surfactant is added to the aqueous solution, can reduce the surface tension of water (water – gas phase) and the interfacial tension (water – solid phase), from the surface activity.
  3. From the physico-chemical sense, after the surfactant is added to the aqueous solution, which solution a depth deeper than the surface of the solution itself, leaving the surface tension reducing substances.
  4. After adding concrete superplasticizer lignosulfonate superplasticizer hydrophobic groups directed adsorbed on the surface of cement particles, hydrophilic groups point to an aqueous solution to form a single molecule or molecular adsorption film, so that cement particles for the same charge repel each other and the surface is dispersed between the particles released from the excess water to achieve water reduction goal.
  5. Due to the reduced interfacial tension and surface tension of water between the cement particles, while maintaining the same degree of fluidity, a corresponding reduction in water consumption, and thus also play a role in reducing water.

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