Ammonium Lignohumate

Ammonium lignohumate

Product Description

Ammonium lignohumate(Ammonium lignohumate) is used as spray fertilizer irrigation fertilizer base fertilizer and so on,with enhanced function to bind with nitrogen and other nutrients.

Main Specification

Name Ammonium Lignohumate
Product Code GAC-NHLSHA
Appearance Black powder
PH Around 9
Dry maters 95%min
Water-insoluble 1.0%max
Sulfate 15%min
Nitrogen 5%min
Lignosulfonate 65%min
Moisture 15%Min



Used as fertilizer

  • With stronger CEC will largely increase the fertility of soil and water holding capacity
  • Its humic acidscan stimulate cell division and increase permeability of membrane to increase plants growth through magnified absorption of a group of micro nutrient by strong root system.
  • Can create a kind of cozy environment for microbial to grow ,thus promote plants growth.
  • Strong chelate capability to chelate the mineral ions into the form of absorbable by plants.
  • Largely increase the yield and fruits quality.


  • 25kg woven bags with liner inside;
  • According to customer’s requirement.

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