Ferrochrome Lignosulfonate

Product Description

Ferrochrome lignosulfonate(Ferrochrome lignosulphonate) is widely used as fluid loss control agent used in drilling fluids with obvious ability to resist high temperature and salty solution

Main Specification

NameFerrochrome lignosulfonate
Product CodeGAC-FeCrLS
AppearanceYellow Brown powder
Dry maters95%min
Total Fe4%Max
Total Cr4%Max
Ferro chrome lignosulfonate
Ferro chrome lignosulfonate

Mud Performance


Fresh water drilling mud

Salt water drilling mud

Normal temperature

Apparent viscosity mPa.s



Rate of reducing viscosity %



High temperature

Apparent viscosity



Rate of reducing viscosity %




1.It is strong thinning property , filtration control capacity and powerful anti-electrolytes capacity contribute to that can be applied to all kinds of mud,
2.Thermal effective temperature range is 150~160℃,also be used above 200℃ when mixed use with lignite derivatives and other temperature-resisting chemicals.
3.Working as emulsifier for oil in water mud.


Can be directly applied to drilling fluids in the form of aqueous solution or powder. When you change PH index into 9.5~10.5, the quantity of thinner is 0.5~1.0 %. The quantity of thinner is 2.0~5.0% when it used as the controlling of fluid loss.


  1.  25kgs woven bags with liner inside
  2. According Customers’requirement.

Ferrochrome Lignosulfonate TDS and MSDS

  1. Ferrochrome Lignosulfonate Technical Data Sheet
  2. Ferrochrome lignosulfonate MSDS

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