Potassium Lignosulfonate

Product Description

Potassium lignosulfonate(Potassium lignosulphonate) has all the industrial function of other lignosulfonate but with stronger capacity when using for fertilizers.Especially for agriculture,could largely stimulate the plants growth,optimize nutrients absorption and increase harvest.

Main Specification

Name Potassium lignosulfonate
Product Code GAC-KLS
Appearance  Brown powder
pH 4-7
Dry maters 95%min
Water-insoluble 1.0%max
Sulfate 2%min
K2O 8%min
Lignosulfonate 55%min
Total reducing matter 7%min
Density 0. 532g/cm3
Moisture 7%Max



1.Could widely used in different industries.

2.Agriculture use,could used as forliar spray fertilizer and irrigation fertilizer with following functions.

  • Could be used both irrigation and soil irrigation, also has bigger CEC to hold more nutrient.Largely increase the efficiency of fertilizers, especially Urea, ammonium sulfate, DAP, MAP;
  • Largely promote the buffering power and fertility of soil by improving the structure;
  • Neutralize both acidic and alkaline soil to release the beneficial metal ions, thus promote absorption by plants; Forster proper environment for soil microbial mass;
  • Largely optimized the absorption of beneficial ion by plants thus increase plants growth accordingly increase the yield and fruits quality.


    • Woven bags with poly bags inside 25kgs net weight.
    • According to customer’s requirement.

Potassium Lignosulfonate TDS and MSDS

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