Sodium lignosulfonate application

The opportunities are sustaintialas far as commercial of lignosulphonates are concerned. To list a few, the major ones as follows.
a) Oil and Grease Industry : The lignosulphonates are used to stabilize the emulsions containing water and dispresent used in drilling of oil wells. These emulsions are used to improve the properties of drilling mud in terms of reduction of torque on the drill stem, control of water loss etc It is also used as a decanter to separate oil from other heavy impurities. Due to its emulsifying and ability to increase the viscosity of low-density oil, lignosulphonates are used to make grease.
b) Tissue Cultuer : Lignosulphonates have been reported to be used as fertilizers. Effet of lignosulphonates as culture medium additive had been studied on plant in vitro culture systems. The application of lignosulphonates at optimum concentrations on different plants have resulted in stimulation the growth of sugar beet callus, improvement in multiplication rate and vigor of a shoot proliferating popular cluster and increase in the rooting percentage of popular shoots.
c) Cement Imdustry : The lignosulphonates have got wide spread uses in cement industry. Lignosulphonates are used as grinding aids in cement grinding mills. In grinding process, Lignosulphonates reduce the agglmaration of the ground particles and surface tension of the solid-air interference of the particles and at the same time keep the surface of the grinding media free and clean. Lignosulphonates are also used as a retarder in cement to delay the setting time of concrete in mass construction, to avoid cracking. Lignosulphonates also increase the durability and compressive strength of the cement.
d) Adhesives : Lignosulphonates can be used as an ingredient alongwith other chemicals for the production of adhesives for plywood and clipboard.. The linolcum cement containing mainly lignosulphonates and clay are used as adhesive for ceiling titles.
e) Binders : Lingosulphonates are used as binders for pellets and briquettes. The pettets formed from iron ore with a very low concentration of lignosulphonates are many times harder than the pellets made with bentonite binder
f) Explosievs : Lignosulphonates are used to increase the sensitivity for explosive. The hygroscope nature of lignosulphonates allows it to hold tiny water particles,resulting in increased conductivity.
g) Other Applications : Lignosulphonates are also used as a disperser in dye industry, additive in rubber industry, brightening agent in electrolytic refinning.

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