Sodium Lignosulfonate Structurer

Sodium lignosulfonate is a natural polymer has three aromatic alcohols coniferyl alcohols, p-coumaryl alcohol, sinapyl alcohol, coniferyl alcohols is the principla.

It has a strong dispersion capacity, due to the molecular weight and the type of functional group with varying degrees of dispersion capability.Also is a natural surfactant.

Sodium lignosulfonate has strong cation exchange capability, and also because of the presence of a variety of reactive groups on its organizational structure, and thus can produce condensation or hydrogen-bonding interactions occur with other compounds, also also -COOH, -OH function groups.

Sodium lignosulfonate is widely used in different area like chemical, construction, ceramics, the mineral powder metallurgy, pesticides, oil, carbon black, refractories, CWS dispersants other industries are widely promotion and application.

Molecular Structure:Sodium Lignosulphonate 8061-51-6

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