Sodium lignosulphonate used in concrete

Sodium lignosulphonate used in concrete

Main performance
1 . water reduction rate of more than 10%.
2 . significantly improve the workability of the concrete.
3 . can greatly reduce the initial heat of hydration of cement .
4 . no chlorine ions, no corrosion of steel hazards.

1 ,.lignin sulfonate water reducer in concrete MJ-3 recommended dosage 0.2-0.3 % ( according to the amount of cement ) , the user should determine the optimal dosage by trial .
2 .dubbed the best solution .
3 . lignin sulfonate and naphthalene superplasticizer with the use of better , content to be based on the proportion of cement and aggregate case , the different uses , after testing to determine .


1 . must be determined after incorporation of cement testing and stringent operating requirements , ranging from reducing the amount of water is low, the amount of multi- retarding occurs , the impact of early strength.
2 . when the temperature is below 5 ℃ generally not used alone.

Packaging and storage

1. the product of plastic woven bag plus the bag , bag 25Kg.
2.light loading and unloading of transport should prevent damaged packaging .
3 . to rain and moisture during storage sunscreen ; later if crushed or causing caking aqueous solution , does not affect the results.
4. this product can be long-term storage without deterioration.

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