Liquid lignosulfonate

Lignsulphonate Used As Additive of CWS

When used as an additive to coal water slurry (CWS), lignosulphonate has the shortcomings of low concentration and high ignition point.

To solve these problems, in this article, sodium lignosulphonate was used as a raw material to find out the optimum process to make additives, such as aminated lignosulphonate condensated sulfonated naphthalene (LCSN), aminated lignosulphonate-polystyrene-acrylic (LPSA) and aminatd lignosulphonate-polystyrene-maleic anhydride (LPSM). Compared with raw material, LCSN had increased Mn, no capillary substance. Its critical micelle concentration(CMC) decreased by 0.035 mol/ML, and hydrophile-lyophile balance (HLB) by 0.5.

When using the same dosage, compared with raw material, concentration of lignite CWS used LCSN as an additive increased by4.1%,which reached the same concentration of CWS as Naphthalene dispersants. Compared with raw lignosulphonate, M,, of LPSA was increased. CMC and HLB of LPSA reduced by 0.0170 mol/mL and 1.49 respectively. The concentration of lean coal and coke CWS of LPSA as additive was increased by 3.0%.

Compared with the ignition point of raw coal, CWS of material and CWS of naphthalene dispersants, that of CWS of LPSA as additive reduced 13.31℃,7.43℃ and 13.61℃ respectively. Predictably, the modified lignosulphonate not only made full use of resources, but also reduced the cost of coal water slurry additive.

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