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oil drilling

Lignosulfonate used for oil drilling

Lignosulfonates could be used in oil drilling working as deflocculants, chemicals to prevent the coagulation of solids. Lignosulfonate and Modified lignosulfonate from wood pulp provides a chemical that is stable at the high temperatures – 150 to 250 degrees F — that occur in well bores during drilling. Clay minerals in drilling mud, such as bentonite, often […]

Ferro chrome lignosulfonate

Advantage of ferrochrome lignosulfonate

Advantage of ferrochrome lignosulfonate Highly effective Deflocculants and rheology stabilizer Functions well at elevated temperatures and in the presence of Contaminants Excellent thinning and filtration control Properties It also functions as a good emulsifier and provides Secondary Filtration Control High Solubility and Mixes well in all types of Mud Systems functions in both Fresh water […]

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