The application of lignosulphonate as fertilizer carrier

Lignosulphonate is a many polycyclic organic polymer containing negatively charged groups, for the high metal ions in soil has a strong affinity,using lignosulphonate as a carrier of fertilizers, adsorption or parcel fertilizer, to achieve the goal of slow-release fertilizers. due to the lignosulphonate is a natural polymer, non-toxic, can degrade, humic acid can be generated through microbial degradation in soil, can improve soil physical and chemical properties, increase soil permeability to prevent compaction.

The lignosulphonate specific surface area is larger, qualitative light, make the lignosulphonate as the carrier, directly mixed with N、P、 K and trace elements, to obtain lignosulphonate-based carrier fertilizer, due to the nature of lignosulphonate slow release, that contains a variety of nutrition elements can be well controlled leaching, nutrient utilization rate can reach more than 80%, fertilizer effect lasts 20 weeks. lignosulphonate carrier is a kind of mixed fertilizer pollution-free, harmless, adapt to the requirement of agricultural production, new fertilizer.

Xie in order to improve fertilizer use efficiency and reduce its harm to the environment, using wheat straw, concave-convex rod, urea and borax prepare a boron-nitrogen slow-release fertilize with water conservation function , the wheat straw as skeleton material. The slow release fertilizer with functions of water and slow release, Amount of water absorption under optimum conditions up to 186 g/g, Nitrogen and boron content is 23.3%, 0.65% respectively, is an economical, non-toxic, environment – friendly products, and can have a good application in agriculture and horticultu.

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