lignin Structure

The molecular structure of lignin

Lignin is composed of four alcohol monomer (p-coumaric alcohol, Coniferin 5 – hydroxy Coniferin, mustard alcohol) to form a complex phenolic polymer.
Lignin is a component of plant cell walls constituting, with the role of the cell is connected. Lignin is a negatively charged group containing many polycyclic organic polymer on soil metal ion has a strong affinity.

Because of different monomers, lignin can be divided into three types: propane structure of lilac lilac base monomer polymerization of lignin (syringyl lignin, S-lignin) by guaiacyl propane structural units body polymerization guaiacyl lignin (guajacyl lignin, G-lignin) and by the right – hydroxyphenyl propane structure monomer polymerization right – hydroxyphenyl lignin (hydroxy-phenyl lignin, H- lignin); gymnosperms mainly guaiacyl lignin (G), dicotyledonous plants containing mainly guaiacyl – lilac lignin (GS), monocots compared guaiacyl – lilac base – p – hydroxyphenyl lignin (GSH).

Starting from a botanical point of view, the lignin that is surrounded by the tracheids, catheters and wood fiber tow cells and extracellular material thick, and that these cells have a specific color reaction (phloroglucinol solution was added drop, until a moment with hydrochloric acid drop, the red color) of the material; From the chemical point of view, lignin is highly substituted phenyl propane unit Random polymerization of the polymer, it cellulose, hemicellulose together to form plants The main component of the skeleton, in the number of second fiber. Lignin with the cellulose plant architecture enhanced mechanical strength, which will help guide the organization lose moisture transport and poor resistance to the invasion of the external environment.

Lignin in the wood and other hard tissue content of more vegetables is rare included. Generally found in beans, wheat bran, cocoa, chocolate, strawberry and raspberry seed portion being. Its most important role is the main component of bile adsorption of bile acids, and out of the body.

In addition, although the details of which are not yet known, but the structure of lignin and polyphenols are very similar, the lignin and polyphenol should have a close relationship. In short, both for the body has a very good effect.

The molecular structure of lignin

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