Function of lignoulfonate used for textile

With the formal promulgation textile dye treatment technology continues to progress and development, as well as the EU REACH regulations, choose excellent performance and meet environmental requirements of the textile dyes and auxiliaries more and more industry attention, while textile dyes and auxiliaries Selection safe and effective dispersants will become particularly urgent. dispersant species lignin […]

Function of Lignosulfonate used for ceramics

Currently building the ceramic body used in the formulation of additives are mainly two: one is body enhancer, mainly used to increase the strength of body, now used mainly for low viscosity carboxymethyl cellulose namely CMC; a coagulant solution species is primarily used to reduce the viscosity of the mud, reducing mud in order to […]

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Sodium Lignosulphonate Metling into Water

Sodium Lignosulfonate HS code

Sodium lignosulfonate is widely used in many industry.China Russia,South Africa and America is major exporters for such lignosulfonate. In China ,most Chinese exporter are using HS code 38040000,which is functioning for all lignosulfonate products like calcium lignosulfonate,ammonium lignosulfonate,potassium lignosulfonate and so on.  

Lignosulfonate used for dust suppression

Enviromental Effects of Applying Lignosulphonate to Roads

Sodium Lignosulphonate Used As Dispersing Agent

Application and Features: Sodium Lignosulphonate mainly used in disperse dye and vat dye dispersion and fill, Has good grinding effect, dispersion, good thermal stability, high temperature dispersion stability, contamination of the fibers is light, small reduction of azo dyes, without phosphorus, formaldehyde-free, no APEO, quinoline and biodegradable. can be used as acidic, reactive dye filling […]

Lignsulphonate Used As Additive of CWS

When used as an additive to coal water slurry (CWS), lignosulphonate has the shortcomings of low concentration and high ignition point. To solve these problems, in this article, sodium lignosulphonate was used as a raw material to find out the optimum process to make additives, such as aminated lignosulphonate condensated sulfonated naphthalene (LCSN), aminated lignosulphonate-polystyrene-acrylic (LPSA) and […]

Preparation and Application of Modified Sodium Lignosulfonate Hydrogel

Lignosulfonate have a tri-dimensional network like structure containing hydroxyl,carboxyl and sulphonyl groups in their molecules, these structural features therotically ensured them to be a good raw material for preparing the hydrogel. This paper focuses on the development and utilization of lignosulfonate. Firstly, we studied the preparation of lignosulfonate hydrogel, made an investigation into the removal […]

Lignosulphonate Applications – Fuel

Alkaline fragmented/purified lignosulphonate mixed with diesel using surfactants/emulsifiers. Hydroliquefaction comprising successive hydroconversion stages under high H pressure. Hydroconversion occurrs with supported catalyst and a suspension of lignosulphonate and a H donor solvent. Polymetallic catalysts supported on at least slightly basic materials and hydrogen convert lignosulphonate to hydrocarbons. Catalytic conversion of lignosulphonate to green gasoline/diesel by […]

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